Below Zero outcomes

Posted by admin on December 21, 2013

Hope all are well this Holiday Season. The Plants and Fish have done amazingly well thru the recent below zero cold weather.

I put a 1000 watt heater in the fish tank and it was able to keep the water at or above 75deg. In my 12 x 20 hoop house the only heat available is the sun and the water mass. As I said in an earlier blog the tomatoes froze. The leaves froze above about 2ft. Since my plants were about 6ft tall this did a lot of damage and I took them out of the system.

What I am discovering is the heat coming off the water seems to be able to keep the air mass and the plants above freezing for a short vertical distance. I even put some new starters in during this weather and they have done very well.

  Since I did not originally design the system to run year round (Just extend the season) I am very pleased to find that a floating raft system is very well suited to growing in cold weather.