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 "How to Economically"



This Free class will step you thru building your own backyard Hoop house. A Hoop house can extend your growing season and set up properly can be used to grow year round. You will be able to see an established Hoop house with an operational Aquaponic system and learn what I think I did right and what I would do different when building the next one.

This class will run approx. 2hours and will cover these topics and more:

  • What is a Hoop house?
  • What size might I need?
  • What materials are needed?
  • How to bend your own hoops.
  • Keeping costs' to a minimum.
  • How to approach end assemblies and doors.
  • Coverings - purchasing and attaching.
  • Layout and orientation.

This will be a very relaxed and atmosphere and you will be able to ask any questions and interact to get the most from the time spent.