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9:00AM to 4:00PM

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Micro System Aquaponic Class

- This course includes the Mico-System book (a $99.95 value).

During the course we will walk you through set up and operations of a small "do it yourself" aquaponics system.

The Micro System package is appropriate for someone with limited space or someone who wants to get their feet wet in aquaponics without spending a lot. It's also perfect for schools because of its low cost. There are 256 growing spaces in a Micro System 64 raft layout, allowing plenty of space for student projects. It can be put together by a couple of parents who are handy with tools on a weekend.

 Even the smallest Micro System (the 64) is 15% to 300% LARGER than comparable aquaponics "kits" we've seen offered on the Internet. Compare the following prices:

  • FGS-2 system with 20 sq ft of growbed area for $3,695.00
  • "Phoenix" Farm in a Box with 56 sq ft growbed area for $2,995.00
  • 4T50-2-4x6 system with 48 sq ft growbed area for $5,756.00

The Micro System 128 is two times larger than the largest of these kits, but even including the cost of the plans is only one-third the price! You decide if these kits are overpriced, and if the Friendly Aquaponic Micro Systems are the best way to go. Micro Systems are stable, durable, productive, and easy to build and operate.

The Friendly Aquaponic Micro Systems is simply the best, most productive, most affordable small aquaponics system available anywhere. The best thing about them is that you don't have to depend on "experts" to assemble a "kit" for you, you simply purchase the materials on the materials list from local sources, and assemble them according to the complete step-by-step construction manual.

This package includes a TON of information about how aquaponics systems work and how to operate them, based on years of experience actually operating a commercial aquaponics farm; including a construction manual, an operations manual, three sheets of CAD drawings, and a complete materials list. Most of these materials are procured locally, with a few items needing to be mail-ordered from Aquatic EcoSystems in Florida. Ask anyone else you're considering buying a "kit" from how much of their income comes from growing and selling aquaponic produce, and how much comes from selling their "kits". Friendly Aquaponics derive almost all of their income from actually growing and selling vegetables and fish.

This self-taught plans package includes a course manual, a construction manual with eight pages of CAD drawings and tons of pictures of a system under construction, a complete materials list, and a day-to-day operations manual. Friendly Aquaponics has done their very best to make this easy to understand. We used their book to build our systems and are extremely pleased with the results.  So much so that we have decided to teach you how to build this micro-system right here in Colorado.  Sign up for a class now and get started growing!

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